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The starting point is what you connect with best

It's best to engage all parts of the brain - conscious and unconscious, rational and emotional. But because the left brain tends to dismiss the right, it is often better to lead with the right brain. 


Right brain / experiential methods are the most powerful in enabling change. They work directly with your unconscious limbic perception and physical sensory systems, eg via: 
- Work with images or drawn pictures or metaphors or visualisation or storytelling 
- Mapping of systems ​with post-it notes or objects (or back to simple drawings) 

- ​Two chair dialogue or other exercises involving physical enactment 

- Observing the real-time experience of the interaction between coach and client 

Left brain / cognitive methods work with your conscious awareness, eg via:

- Listening for their focus of attention, emotions, assumptions, beliefs etc

- Using mental models which help provide a new focus or a new perspective 
   (simple 2x2 grids, NEO / MBTI / Centaur / DISC, Transactional Analysis etc) 

- Working with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) based approaches ​

Ongoing regular practices increase your capacity to (self) observe and (self) reflect 

"I hear & forget, see & remember, do & understand" Lao Tzu