Leaders must look at systems, not just individuals  

Your limbic brain's perceives and responds to the systemic context of any situation. 

Oshry talks about systems as made up of Top, Middle, Bottom and Client spaces. What people experience when in these spaces is predictable - maybe exaggerated or mitigated by personality, but essentially a condition of being in the space. Just like wet feet is a condition of being in a puddle! Let me quote the introductory foreword to Barry Oshry's book Seeing Systems... 

Tops are burdened by what feels like unmanageable complexity [ie feel responsibility

Bottoms are oppressed by what they see as uncaring Tops [ie feel vulnerability and disregard]

Middles are torn between the conflicting demands and priorities coming at them [ie feel tearing

Customers are let down by non-responsive delivery [ie feel neglect]

When this pattern develops, our tendency is to explain it in terms of the individuals involved or the specific nature of one’'s organisation. This pattern is neither. It is systemic. Unfortunately, there is also a tendency to resist this notion... this is the costly illusion of "system blindness" 

Read the book - or even better, attend an Oshry workshop. You will not regret it.  

"System blindness is a costly self-delusion" Barry Oshry