Good leaders typically have good "mindsight

Dan Siegel connects the worlds of psychology and neuro-biology, by defining the mind and its connection with the brain. He calls the ability to use an understanding of the brain to see the workings of our own and others' minds "Mindsight" - the title of one of his many books.

He uses the theory of "complex systems" to define the mind as "an emergent function of our human biological system that regulates the flow of energy (information) within the brain, body AND inter-personal relationships". The mind both modifies, and is modified by, the operation of this complex biological system. 


​Healthy development produces good integration - different parts of the system are both differentiated AND connected. Lack of differentiation brings rigidity. Lack of connection produces chaos / incoherence. Good integration maximises flexibility and adaptability.


The focused attention of a "mindfulness" practice is inherently integrative and the diagram shows his own (downloadable) tool, "The Wheel of Awareness" fully  explained in his recent book "Aware".  You can listen to my own guided mindfulness practices by clicking here.

"Mindsight is a learnable skill" Dan Siegel