Find the hidden image in this Magic Eye picture 

Consider the Magic-Eye picture as a metaphor for seeing your challenges more clearly when you look using my frameworks: 

  • Until you look at it the right way, it's just a confusing mess

  • ​When you find the right way, it's not just clear - it's in 3D!

  • Once you get the image, it's stable and you can explore it at will

  • Even when you lose it, it gets easier each time to get it back

  • The secret to seeing it is to relax, not work hard looking for it

  • You have to trust your senses, you can't use conscious analysis

NB: Start with the image quite close, looking through it into the distance - NOT focusing on it. Very slowly move away until you start to see depth. Now hold still and wait...and the 3-D image will appear. 

"What you find difficult is not necessarily impossible" Marcus Aurelius