You need the best "you" to show up  when it counts 

The first thing to accept is that there is not one 'you' - there are multiple 'you's, eg you at work, you at home, you on a good day, you on a bad day, etc. It's important the right 'you' shows up in any particular situation - especially important when that situation is challenging

It helps to be clear about your strengths. Find an image for your 'best self' that instantly brings these strengths to mind. My 'Labrador Dog with Glasses' instantly reminds me - with a smile - that I am 'Friendly, Reassuring, and Insightful'. The smile switches the limbic to positive


Try these GREAT practices to cultivate a more positive 'default' mindset. 

​It's also important to remember that our personality is NOT all we are. Our personality simply represents habitual patterns of limbic response formed in our early years as a way of dealing with the world's many perceived threats - the 'stuff that happens'. Development is not only about using your habitual personality well, but also intentionally accessing more of your potential from what Jung called your bigger SELF. The SELF is what connects us to the 'collective unconscious' of our common humanity. It holds shared human archetypes (eg mother / father) and instinctive moral principles. It is often where we discover our true purpose.

"There's more to you than you think" Sandy Cotter