You need to ensure the right "you" shows up  when it counts 

So who are you? A combination of nature and nurture, the stuff that happens in our early years, shapes our personality (ego form) as a habitual way of dealing with the world's many perceived threats. In brain language we could call these habitual patterns of limbic response

Everyone's personality has strengths and shadows, and different aspects of your personality will show up depending on your internal state - as if there were many "you"s. One way to ensure the right "you" is showing up is to focus on bringing and using the strengths of your personality. You are more likely to do this when feeling positive, not when triggered into defensiveness, so try to cultivate a positive mindset. [Try this 5 step daily routine for feeling GREAT]

​It's also important to remember that our personality (limbic response) is not all we are. So true development is not just about learning to use your ego style(s) well, it is also about learning to use more of your original (unused) potential to expand yourself - ie to add new "you"s.

This means connecting with and using the power of what Jung called the deeper SELF. This holds the "collective unconscious" of our common humanity, with its shared archetypes and instinctive moral principles. The deeper SELF is where we discover our sense of purpose and personal vision.

"There's more to you than you think" Sandy Cotter