Stop seeing choices as problems to be solved

"You have just got a BA in History. Should you take a job at PwC or take another year to do a Masters?" 

If you see this simply as a complicated problem, you think it is solved by finding the right answer (eg by calculating NPV of future earnings). In fact, it's a complex dilemma with many factors to be considered, which different people with different perspectives will weight differently. You can't predict the long term "right" answer - all you can do is "do the right thing" ...for you. Your future will be emergent not fully planned. [Ruth Chang expands in: "How to make hard choices"] [You might also look at this Cynefin model - it shows the 4 different types of environment you face]  

Your mindset has to change if the future is unpredictable (dilemma) vs predictable (problem) - see the diagram for a visual representation of the different focus for dilemmas vs problems. 
problems, we focus on future results in order to identify the best solution we need to get to. For dilemmas, we focus on current position in order to commit to actions we will not regret whatever the future result. We accept that most life decisions are about an unknowable future. But so are most of our strategic business decisions - welcome to leadership in the VUCA world

Practice pausing to notice when problems are actually dilemmas, and then to shift your mindset from problem solving to position improving. Your big decisions will be quicker and easier

"Dilemmas provide opportunities to define who you are"   Ruth Chang