The key to development is deliberate (ie mindful) practice 

 Karl Anders Ericsson, the man whose research has often been miss-quoted as "10,000 hours to mastery", highlights (in his book "Peak") the difference between habitual repetition (unthinking) and deliberate practice (mindful). He gives us a framework for deliberate practice, an example of the process of learning by doing (refer back to "Being your Best"). 

Simply reflecting on how to apply new insights is not enough - you need to REFLACT... 

R = Representation - Create a mental picture of what you are trying to achieve might look like, feel like, allow you to do, or to be. Often this is developed by work with a coach / mentor. 

E = Exploration - Step outside your habitual routine (ie find a safe / non critical context) and play around with different ways of doing things, until you are satisfied with the results. 

FL = Feedback Loop - Use a diagnostic (self) observation process to review objectively (ie without criticism) what happens, in order to refine your ongoing exploration. Others may help in this. 

AC = Attention Checklist - Discover specific thoughts / images / areas of focus in the body which your exploration has shown help you achieve your goal. Use these to experiment back in normal situations - until your new approach is a new habit, and you no longer need them. 

T = Trigger - Allow things to stimulate your curiosity and (re-) inspire you to look with fresh eyes. Again, often the trigger is the different perspective, skill or knowledge of a coach / mentor. 

"Knowing is not enough... we must do" Bruce Lee  

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