Elite performance requires deliberate (ie mindful) practice 

In his book "Peak" Karl Anders Ericsson differentiates (unthinking) habitual repetition, which strengthens existing ways of doing things, from (mindful) deliberate practice, which allows you to change, to improve, and to learn new things. I use PERFECT as a mnemonic to capture his ideas.


PE = Practice (= Play) Environment - Step outside of your normal routine to create a safe context, in which you can play around with different ways of doing things WITHOUT anxiety. If there is ANY fear of failure, habit will kick in and stop you being creative or trying new things.  

R = Representation (of success) - Create a mental picture of what you are trying to achieve - what it will look like, feel like, or allow you to do. A coach / mentor may help you with this. 

F = Feedback - Use self-observation, or feedback from others, to observe objectively the results of your experiments - without any criticism for trying. Feedback guides your ongoing exploration. 

EC = Experimentation + Curiosity - Base your experimentation in curiosity: What happens if...? From successful experiments identify key thoughts (eg images) which help you. Then deliberately use these key thoughts in real life situations until they become a new (unconscious) habit.  

T = Triggers (to try something else) - Allow events to stimulate your curiosity to start a new practice.  Or be inspired by the different perspective, knowledge or skill of a coach / mentor. 

"Knowing is not enough... we must do" Bruce Lee