Personality is really about patterns of limbic perception  

Personality models are ways of understanding patterns of limbic perception - like a model for our 'inner chimp'. The best ones are not just about how people act, but WHY they REACT

Centaur was developed in the 1980s, when Sandy Cotter adapted her training in psychology and the body-mind therapy of bioenergetics to work with business leaders. The model, which focuses on how emotions flow or are blocked within the body, helps people gain insight into the unconscious drivers and the emotional triggers behind their behaviours. 

The diagram shows just the gifts and deficits of each character style, and the evocative names which capture them in a positive way. These are archetypal figures that we can all instinctively understand at a deep level. The value of each style is clear, as well as the potential drawbacks when any style grips too strongly. 

As a practical tool, the Centaur model is simple to grasp and easy to use. The 5 character styles make explicit what we already “know” unconsciously, allowing us to work consciously with it. 

Sandy finally published a book "Centaur: the metaphysics of leadership" in 2020. 

"The body and mind reflect each other" Sandy Cotter