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Being your best with brain awareness and mind management

The best performers... Continually learn from experience in both real-life and practice situations. They have developed brain awareness and active mind management skills, and apply these to improve both their thinking and their internal state - ie which version of them is showing up - in whatever situation they face. To be your best, you need to develop these same learning meta skills. They are most important when you face new and challenging contexts which you find uncomfortable - also the times when working with a coach is most helpful. 

The best leaders... Intentionally create system conditions that will enable themselves, and those around them, to keep a learning / growth mindset. They keep emotions positive because they know that both awareness and ability to self-manage are adversely affected by negative emotions; They choose to try to bring more of their authentic "best self" to work, in order to improve their personal presence, business relationships and organisational (ie systemic) influence and impact. 

The best coaches... Consciously support change "from the inside out" by being fully present with attention and empathy, drawing on their own business leadership learning experiences, and bringing psychological tools and insights which help to build learning meta skills

"The best you can be is you at your best" MB

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