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Brain awareness and mind management are the key

We all... Do our best - given how we see a situation. However, our perception is a 'story' created in the brain by what we are focusing on  and what it triggers in us.    

The best performers...  Manage their perception. They intentionally choose their focus and/or their 'story'. This not only improves performance, it allows them to learn from new experiences. You need to develop this same meta skill, especially when you face new, or challenging and uncomfortable contexts. This is when working with a coach can be most helpful. 

The best leaders... Intentionally create system conditions to enable themselves, and those around them, to keep this learning (growth) mindset - to be 'Alive at work' (the title of a great book by Dan Cable). They keep emotions positive and they bring their authentic 'best self' to work, because they know that managing their personal presence will improve their impact and influence on the organisation. 

The best coaches... Are like leaders. They bring positive energy and their 'best self' (ie their experience in business, their personal learning, and their full personal presence) to make it safe for others to learn and change ('grow'). They create change from the inside out

"The best you can be is you at your best" MB

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