an aide memoire for clients / a self-study guide for others 

Each page is a mini presentation with: 

  • a simple picture  

  • some key bullet points 

  • a favourite leadership quote 

Each is a chapter of the book I will write - one day! ​

Good leaders release the full potential of a business. They...


  • Inspire people with confidence and improve the system's resilience 

  • Communicate meaningful purpose and a compelling strategic vision 

  • Navigate the 'politics' of organisational influence and working relationships 

  • Develop the effectiveness of their senior management team 

​Being brain wise will make you a better leader ...

The behaviour of the people you lead is mostly driven by their unconscious, because: 

  • We all do things based on how we see things (ie our perception); and 

  • Perception is a story created (usually unconsciously) by the brain. 

So a brain wise approach combines psychology with human neuro-biology to support: 

  • Brain Awareness eg to know what is creating their (or your) perception  

  • Mind management eg to re-frame their (or your) perception 

"Business is ALWAYS personal" Don Vito Corleone