an aide memoire for clients / a self-study guide for others 

Each page is a mini presentation with: 

  • simple picture  

  • some key ideas 

  • a favourite leadership quote 

If I ever wrote a book, these would be the chapters! ​

Good leadership releases the full potential of a business...


Good leaders: 

  • Find a meaningful purpose and communicate it as a compelling strategic vision 

  • Inspire people with confidence and improve the system's resilience 

  • Build relationships, manage reputation, and navigate organisational politics 

  • Develop the senior management team's effectiveness 

​Being brain wise will make you a better leader ...

A brain wise approach combines psychology with human neuro-biology. It recognises that behaviour is mostly controlled by the unconscious, because people do things based on how they see things, and perception is a story created by the brain. 

To be brain-wise, you need to develop: 

Brain awareness, eg to know what is driving their (or your) perception; and 

Mind management, eg to "re-frame" their (or your) perception. ​

"Business is ALWAYS personal" Don Vito Corleone