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Each page summarises its topic with: 

  • picture to remember  

  • a few words about key ideas 

  • a favourite leadership quote 

The 20 pages outline my (future) book

Being your best screenshot.png
Good leaders release the full potential of a business. They...


  • Inspire people with confidence and improve the system's resilience 

  • Communicate meaningful purpose and a compelling strategic vision 

  • Navigate the 'politics' of organisational influence and working relationships 

  • Develop the effectiveness of their senior management team 

Brain awareness makes you a better leader...

  Human behaviour (including yours) is often habitual rather than optimal, because: 

  • How we all do things (behaviour) is driven by how we see things (perception)  

  • Perception is created (usually unconsciously) by what we focus on and what it triggers 

  • When perception triggers 'fear', it literally switches off 'smart' thinking   

  Brain Awareness lets you understand what is creating their (or your) perception 


  Mind Management helps you change their (or your) perception 

"Business is ALWAYS personal" Don Vito Corleone  
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